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Lover's Tempo Lana Cotton scarf

The Lana Cotton Scarf is a lightweight cotton kerchief with multiple ways to wear it. Look effortlessly undone as this lightweight scarf swirls in the breeze while you sit in a field of wildflowers (or at least daydream about it).
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Tie it artfully around the neck, wear it as a bandana or a headband. It can be knotted around a scrunchie for a flowy accent or tied around a bag strap for a pop of colour. The Lana can also be worn as a makeshift facemask when you inevitably forget yours while running to the store, or our personal favourite: tied as a bandana around your favourite furry friend so you can match with them. Pair with the Sunday scrunchy.

38” long (end to end), 17” wide (side to point), Cotton