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Indyeva Khadi cardi

KHADI is our new versatile reversible cardigan, designed to offer you a dynamic and adaptable style by adjusting the length according to your preferences.
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Whether you prefer a casual or elegant look, this reversible cardigan is the ideal choice to complete your style while embracing comfort during your hikes, travels, or various outdoor activities. It is made with a fabric containing Lyocell, a biodegradable and compostable cellulosic fiber created using an environmentally friendly closed-loop production process that transforms pulp from sustainable sources into fibers.The blend of these ecological fibers with polyester ensures durability, breathability, softness, elasticity, and stability in the garment. With moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, it minimizes odors while maximizing comfort. KHADI is your perfect companion for flexible and eco-friendly style in all your adventures.

Machine wash with like colours on gentle cycle
• Do not bleach
• Hang dry
• Iron at low heat
• Do not dry clean
• Do not use fabric softener


Length (S) Dos : 30.5" / Inverse: 17"